The Pelarian Multiverse in a ‘nutshell’ 

In Situation Vacant Orselon explains the basic structure of the multiverse to Ruth.

‘The Multiverse, consists of six divergences and the parallel universes within each of these, as well as the Hidden Universe. Perhaps I can show you more easily with a diagram.’ Orselon leant forward unrolling a scroll that he had been holding on his lap. The scroll titled The Eternal Multiverse showed a central circle inscribed ‘The Hidden Universe, known as Pelaria.’ At six points equally spaced around the circumference of the circle were sets of parallel lines, the innermost line in each set positioned tangentially to the circle.

Multiverse Plan 300

‘Lantira is in the Transetic divergence or parallels. The Transetic divergence is one where magic is a natural phenomenon. The same applies to the Cordelian and Lerdosi divergences. Your world is in the Primerian divergence which is one where the laws of physics prevail. 

Within all the divergences there exists the possibility of both positive and negative forces, good and evil if you like. But as in your own world these things are subject to choice or free will. Provided free will exists, the balance between positive and negative remains neutral over time and the worlds survive and prosper. If free will is disrupted the possibility exists for either positive or negative to tip the balance.

Our task is to ensure that what you call good and evil remain in balance. We, and others like us are called the Guardians.’ Publication details HERE and Dreamwood War HERE

Situation Vacant

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Dreamwood War

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